How Disabled Persons Can Benefit from Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery can be beneficial to disabled persons. For those with physical disabilities, this may mean that they can function normally like any ordinary person.

How Disabled Persons Can Benefit from Plastic Surgery
Disabled persons can benefit from plastic surgery. (Photo Credits)

UK-Based Prague Medical Institute has shared information on how plastic surgery can benefit people with physical disabilities. In their article, they mentioned that this may be a heavily debated topic but surgical reconstruction can be advantageous to the disabled individual. In the same write-up they enumerated plastic surgery methods that can be conducted on disabled persons.

“Webbed Fingers Plastic Surgery:  In case of birth abnormalities including webbed fingers and toes can be treated with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery of Clubfoot: Clubfoot in which a child’s feet are deformed and twisted in a shape that the sole cannot be placed on the ground. Vision Improvement: Improving one’s vision through plastic surgery could have been a last thought on one’s mind, however it has become a reality by proof. Surgeons have successfully operated on eyelid corrections and resolved the faded vision disorders of patients all over the world.”

The rest of the physical conditions that can be treated by plastic surgery can be found here.

Disabled Children and Plastic Surgery

The Eye Magazine also shared an article on how children in Uganda benefit from Plastic Surgery. The surgeries they mentioned have been carried out at CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital.

“Over 5,000 corrective Orthopaedic and Plastic Reconstructive surgical procedures and about 10,000 rehabilitation therapy treatments are performed at the CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital every year, out of those, the 80% are children.”

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Regaining Confidence

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons meanwhile published a write-up about a disabled actress who went through plastic surgery and how he has benefitted from it.

“Natasha was also born with an incurable genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which means she’s wheelchair-bound and too weak to even lift a pint of milk. Her condition has clearly not stopped her from living life to the full: in recent years she met with cosmetic surgeon Graeme Perks to have liposuction and a mini-tummy tuck to relieve discomfort in that area, and was so pleased with the results that eventually she also opted for a boob job. Since then, like many of her female contemporaries in showbiz, she admits to the odd jab of Botox and even had her lips enhanced.”

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Cosmetic and plastic surgery can indeed be beneficial for persons with disabilities.