You are at the website of the Group Training Course on Intellectual Disabilities (GTID). We hope that you get to find the information you are searching for, and at the same time remain abreast of recent developments on this training program.

One of the goals of this website is to keep former participants of the Group Training Course on Intellectual Disabilities timely informed about the developments on the course training. It is also aimed at keeping them aware of what their training batch mates have been up to in relation to the course that they have taken together. Training batches from the years 1980 to 1994 for “Mental Retardation” can check in to the webpage anytime for the above-mentioned information.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency has been teaming up with the Japan League on Intellectual Disabilities since the year 1980 to conduct the said international training course. Over 60 countries have been participating in the GTID since its inception, and it now has over 300 graduates worldwide.

One of the main objectives that the participants are expected to carry out post-training is coming up with community awareness projects for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in their respective localities.  These community awareness programs in turn are meant to improve how community residents would deal with PWIDs particularly with more concern on their plight.

Check out in the COUNTRY REPORTS (Insert link) the plight of Persons With Intellectual Disabilities. Unfortunately, some of them are living in less than ideal conditions, and this is what these training projects hope to improve.