Resources for Children with Disabilities in San Diego

Families with Children with Disabilities need special assistance and care from their community. San Diego helps special need families through special benefits and of course providing for other needs they may have in accordance to their rights and enacted laws.

The Arc of San Diego is a non-profit corporation that helps special need children and their families through day programs that will foster learning and social skills. More information has been posted in their website.

Resources for Children with Disabilities in San Diego
San Diego Families of children with Special Needs also receive assistance from both the government and non-profit organizations. (Photo Credits)

“The Arc of San Diego, a private, not-for-profit corporation, is one of the region’s largest human-service agencies. We provide an extensive array of services to people with disabilities in San Diego County. Founded in 1951 by a determined group of parents and other community members who were concerned about the lack of services available for children with intellectual disabilities, Arc blends a long history of service with a national reputation for success. Today, we are guided by the same sense of purpose and dedication that inspired those parents 60 years ago.”

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Special Needs Families

The Exceptional Family Resource Center is yet another treasure throve of information for San Diego families with disabled children. In their website, they emphasized that they help empower San Diego Special Needs families as they go through their day to day lives.

“The mission of the Exceptional Family Resource Center (EFRC) is to provide support, information and education for families of children with disabilities and the professionals who assist these families. By offering emotional support and factual information, EFRC enables families to help their children reach their fullest potential. All children with disabilities will be given the opportunity to live with a supported and empowered family, fully participating within their community. Every community will be enriched by the inclusion of people with diverse abilities. EFRC offers family centered services, emphasizing parent choice, confidentiality and collaboration.”

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Down Syndrome

Families of children with Down Syndrome also receive community support in the San Diego area. The Down Syndrome Association of San Diego is one of the support groups that is based in the county, and it has helped a lot of families deal with the mental disability of their loved one.

DSA is the lead organization on Down syndrome in San Diego County, serving more than 1000 families and professionals. Throughout the years, DSA has established numerous community partners who support and augment services for families, and enrich the lives of people with Down syndrome. DSA is actively engaged in key local, state and national initiatives, influencing policy and practices that impact health care, education and social service programs.”

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Families of disabled children in San Diego indeed receives support from both the government and the private sector.