Independent Living for Persons with Disabilities in San Diego

Disabled individuals have a unique set of needs. This is true in most aspects of their day to day life, and usually special assistance or a special set-up is required for them to live their lives independently.

In San Diego, there are arrangements that can be made to help persons with disabilities live independently. The Arc of San Diego for instance provides such service that aims to assist persons with intellectual disabilities live on their own.

Disabled individuals can live independently in San Diego. (Photo Credits)

“The Arc of San Diego’s Independent Living Services (ILS) supports people with intellectual disabilities in their desire to live on their own and be an active part of their local community. Independent Living Professionals work one-on-one with each individual, providing direction and guidance based on each person’s needs. Together, we identify resources and teach independent living skills essential to improving the quality of one’s life. This includes assisting individuals with paying the rent and bills, cooking healthy meals, using public transportation, and accessing medical and dental services. “

Check out the rest of the services that they provide here.

San Diego Assisted living for PWDs

Towards Maximum Independence is yet another service that helps San Diego residents with disabilities live an independent life. In their homepage, the non-profit organization also enumerated the other services that they offer.

“Toward Maximum Independence (TMI) is dedicated to assisting children and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing, to live, work and participate in their community. Our services are available throughout San Diego, Riverside and Imperial Counties and include Employment Solutions, Community Living and Family Support Services. As a licensed Resource Family Agency (RFA), TMI also provides resource family placements for youth with special needs.”

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Independent Living

Another Independent Living Service for PWDs in San Diego is the Home of Guiding Hands. This specific community is both for persons with disabilities (both physical and intellectual), as well as for seniors.

“HGH is one of the largest providers of residential services for people with developmental disabilities in San Diego. HGH uses a whole person approach to service provision; we consider and address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the individuals we support. Using a structured teaching approach, our support staff provides stimulating learning environments for individuals to develop cognitive concepts, communication, social and daily living skills. We strive for promoting and enhancing their personal well-being through a range of community-based activities and training programs.”

Read more about HGH from their website here.

In San Diego, even persons with disabilities can live independently through the help of non-profit groups that aim to help them lead normal lives.