Disability Rights Advocacy Groups in San Diego

Persons with Disability need solid support in order to continue living the life that they deserve. One of the solid support that they can rely on are local advocacy groups that further their cause, and ensure that their rights are preserved.

In San Diego, there are local disability rights advocacy group that ensure that the needs of the disabled community in the county are met. One of these groups is Disability Rights California – San Diego Office. In their official website, they mentioned about the services that they provide to disabled individuals, pro-bono, plus information for those who may want to volunteer to their cause.

Disability Support Groups in San Diego. (Photo Credits)

“Disability Rights California works to bring about fairness and justice for people with disabilities by filing individual and class action lawsuits, providing information to clients about disability rights issues, and helping build peer/self advocacy groups and community partnerships. We are committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have the right to live in the most integrated settings, as required by the ADA and U.S. Supreme Court in its Olmstead decision. Disability Rights CA has five offices, including one in San Diego that serves clients in 4 southern counties. We help adults and children with disabilities regarding special education, public benefits, health and mental health services, housing, juvenile justice, and discrimination in housing and employment.”

Check out their official homepage here.

Local Chapters of National Disability Groups

There are also local chapters for country-wide disability groups that serve disabled San Diego residents. The American Civil Liberties Union is a group that served the San Diego and Imperial Counties.

“As a nonpartisan organization committed to fulfilling the aspirations of the Bill of Rights, the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties believes in: (1) The innate equality and dignity of every human being; (2) The principled, non-partisan defense of fundamental rights; (3)  Informed, engaged, and empowered communities; (4) Authentic partnerships and collaborative relationships; (5) “Equity” as an integral part of all we do.”

Take a look at their official website here.

Disability Support Groups

Another Disability Support Group serving the San Diego community is Civil Rights Law Firm Potter Handy. In their official webpage they claimed that they represent persons with disabilities who would like to ensure that they get full and equal access to the rights that they have.

“The Center for Disability Access (CDA — a division of Potter Handy, LLP) has represented hundreds of persons with disabilities who have been discriminated against on the basis of their disability. We have been litigating disability access cases since 1996. There is no firm that has had a bigger impact on disability access law. CDA has an impressive list of pivotal, published opinions to its credit, including numerous Ninth Circuit, California appellate court and California Supreme Court decisions.”

Check out more information about Potter Handy here.

Disability support groups are indeed very present in the San Diego community.